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Cloud-based platform that connects you with the most promising sales opportunities in just one click

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Connexio Talk is a product of the US-based team, Connexio Labs. The company needed help in creating an intuitive plaftorm for its sales team.

1. Create a plaftorm that frees the client’s inside team to do what it does best – sell.

2. Design and implement the Call Guide Builder & Question modules.

3. Give the single page app a fresh look.


The outbound calling platform easily integrates with existing CRMs and automated marketing tools.

1. Make the call guide editor an overlay on the text templates used previously to define the call guides.

2. Build a parser that allowed us to present users with a rich interface.

3. Utilise HTML5 features like drag & drop to make the entire process more intuitive.

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The platform created by AbsolveTech enables sales teams to connect with their most promising opportunities in just one click.

1. Remove visual clutter and simplify the GUI to put the focus on the user.

2. Making use of colour for UI components to draw the eye to the important content.

3. Creating the sleek interface that allows the users to create a call guide exactly the way they want in just a few quick steps.

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