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Online Study and Evaluation System for Students 

A comprehensive online system for evaluation of students’ knowledge of different school disciplines. After test completion, a student gets his score with references to the relevant learning materials to improve his understanding of a specific subject.

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The Client

Our development team was asked to create a web-based eLearning solution for education and assessment that would allow students to choose a particular course to learn and evaluate the received knowledge. The knowledge assessment system should provide an easy-to-use and efficient tool for monitoring student progress. Another required feature was the possibility to take online tests and get advice on further education according to the results.


AbsolveTech developers have created an intuitive and easy-to-use online educational and assessment platform for students and teachers. After a student has registered in the system, he can choose one of the available courses. The personal dashboard with knowledge evaluation feature allows monitoring the progress in studying each course. It shows the statistics representing the current level of knowledge in a particular subject. A user can get access to educational materials using a single click and view a more detailed knowledge assessment dashboard that contains the following info:

– Topics where you are the strongest
– Topics you should review
– Topics where you need the most work
– Topics you haven’t reviewed

In case some topics require additional attention, the knowledge evaluation system will provide users with the link to relevant learning materials. The personal page also contains a set of quizzes and tests that allow evaluating the current academic progress of the student.

Implemented student assessment software allows reaching a substantial level of savings due to the lack of need for teachers that should continuously assess the academic progress of each and create reports. The test results are instantly available which allows increasing student satisfaction. Collected data on student progress has improved the capability to perform statistical analyses.

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Developers of AbsolveTech have created an online solution that allows students to evaluate and improve the knowledge of particular school disciplines. After completing the test on a specific course, a student can get a list of topics that should be reviewed along with the link to the relevant learning materials.

The system allows users to:

– choose specific courses to study
– monitor the learning progress via the dashboard
– taking online tests for knowledge assessment
– receive a certificate of successful completion of training

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