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Feature Rich Platform for your Pickup and Delivery Online Representation?

There are a lot of online delivery applications out there but want to know how we stand out? Our Feature-Rich On Demand app for delivery service will help your customers get an exact estimate of when and how they want to get their package delivery. They can directly track and communicate with the delivery agent with the help of our proficient platform. Pitch the right audience when they look for pick up delivery service near me online.

Flexible Scheduling

Use our top notch delivery service application to help your customers choose a flexible time in accordance to their availability and their mode of commute. This way they can be proficiently available to receive the delivery.

Alerts and Updates

Through Alerts and Updates you can ensure that your customer is well informed of their delivery, any offers going on and so on to keep the process as transparent as possible.

Payment Gateways

We have installed multiple payment Gateways in the platform to ensure that your customers opt for the payment method that they are completely comfortable to use.

In-built Chat

Through our delivery service application your customers can now chat with their pick up delivery agents to get updates on their location and other delivery instructions. This feature is also applicable for admin and agents.

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Some Noteworthy Customer App Features That Make Us Stand Out


The customer can create a unique login and signup credential to ensure that the delivery details and other information regarding their parcel can only be accessed by them when the customer looks for local pickup and delivery service near me.

GPS Tracking

We facilitate your customers to efficiently track the present location of their package delivery services and the approximate time it will be delivered on using location service.

In-App Messaging

The customers can integrate their application with their phone so that they can chat with the particular agents and raise concern about any change.

Push Notification

Notify your customers of their pick up delivery service and latest offers using push notifications on their mobile phone. This will help them stay updated about their package.

Secure Payments

Give your customers the opportunity to opt from various Payment portals in regards to their convenience and security concerns.

Loyalty Features

Provide your loyal customers promo codes and discounts based on their constant usage of your services. This will make them come back again to you for your services.

Feature Rich Courier Application for Your Business’s Convenience


Through this section the courier business can maintain their profile with details such as their contact information, their toll free numbers, their head office location and so on.

Order Details

Through this feature a courier service provider can access all the details of past present and upcoming orders so that they can keep a tab on the same according to their convenience.

In-app Messaging

This feature allows the courier service to chat with their agents and customers efficiently and cover the conversation gap that might occur in their pickup and delivery service.

Delivery Status

This section allows a delivery agent to convey any important input about the courier to the customer and the admin so that both are informed clearly about the delivery.

GPS Navigation

This feature will allow an admin to keep a close track on their delivery Agents. This will help the admins to solve the concern of the security and safety of the customer’s package.

Fare Management

Through this feature the courier business can set their prices so that the audiences looking for their services can get an idea of the same

Manage Drivers/Agents

This application also allows the courier business admins to keep a close eye on the drivers/agents and manage their day to day tasks, leaves and so on.

App Settings

This feature will allow the admin to make notable changes in the application such as changing their profile information, managing their pricing policies etc.

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Delivery Agent Application Features


This feature allows the driver or the agent to register himself into the admin’s listings. This step will include unique registration credentials that will keep his account safe.

Identity Verification

After the driver registers into the system a proper identity Verification will be performed by the admin to ensure that the agent is fit to work.

Profile Management

The driver can maintain and edit his profile with crucial contact information so that the customer or the admin can effectively reach out to them as and when needed.

Order Details Notification

Once he is registered he will get notifications for local pickup and delivery service requests from the nearest of his location.

Accept Request

The driver or the agent can accept the delivery request and he will be provided with a detailed info about the delivery like where he has to pick up item and deliver it exactly where.

Real Time Tracking

This feature will allow him to reach the point where he has to pick delivery and the dropping point of delivery easily. The live tracking will ensure that he follows the right path in both the cases.

Shipment History

This section will allow the driver to keep a track on all his past shipments, their reviews and their statuses. As a record keeping this can be quite useful.

Order Status Update

Once the order is cancelled or completed, the agent can effectively update the same in his application for the reference of the customer and the admin as well.

Why Us For Pickup And Delivery App

24*7 Support

After the driver registers into the system a proper identity Verification will be performed by the admin to ensure that the agent is fit to work.

Cost Effective

When we associate with businesses our main focus lies on providing solutions that are not only reliable bus cost effective as well.


We can customise your solutions in accordance to your required features and business specifications so that you get exactly what you expect so that you are the first to pop up when someone searches for pickup and delivery service near me online.

Smart Order Allocation

Through our smart order allocation you can effectively manage and allot the deliveries to your agents without any hassle.

Secure and Scalable

Our On demand pickup and delivery apps is scalable and secure not just for your customers but for you as well.

Diverse Marketplace Experience

Our application is designed in a way that will cater all your industry’s requirements and trends so that you get the best use out of it. We provide you an elaborate platform to analyse how pick up delivery services have positively impacted you.

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