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AbsoStore Features

Product Catalogue

Admins can create and manage a product catalog in an error-free way. They can create multiple accounts to manage orders, edit catalogs, set promotional programs, and manage customer queries.

Business Analysis Tools

Build engaging and insightful reports and admin panels with a simple drag-and-drop interface to view business insights. Such a convenient way of analyzing business reports helps you improve and optimize your operations.

Admin Access

It allows the admins to allow or disallow vendors to be part of the marketplace after validation and verification of their details in the registration form. It results in the inclusion of authentic members and entails a cohesive environment.

CMS Management

It includes a feature-rich CMS, which allows the admins to manage and control the whole marketplace. It will also enable the admins to create, edit, and publish content on their websites.

Delivery Staff Management

Its advanced delivery management system will allow you to manage your employees from a single place. With it, you can track orders in real-time, optimize routes, and much more.

Commission Distribution

It allows the admins to manage and modify the parameters for commissions to the people involved in the selling process based on various aspects of selling.

Tax Management

Based on your seller’s details, such a location, products being offered, and currency type, you will automatically be able to handle tax rates without doing much.

Subscription Packages Management

Admins can define and apply various subscription plans to customers. It empowers the grocers to drive more customers without investing in the paid promotional aspect of selling.

Currency Management

It allows you to expand your customer base. It includes multiple payment gateways and currency options, which helps in reaching out to sellers and buyers from around the world.

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