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Online Pharmaceuticals solutions

Neilmed is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies based in the USA, with branches scattered around the world with a large number of sales representatives and in need of a proper platform for their management process. This project can be described as a complete marketing forum for sales representative. With features such as travel management, credit management, tracking system, performance information, annual reports and much more this gives the manager benefits with a single click. He will have the luxury of tracking his representatives, adding new visits, adding new orders, authorizing non-credit, adding new users and looking for representatives.

Online Healthcare Solutions

This forum is an online health-related online application and website that allows patients to interact with and connect with their healthcare providers, such as doctors and hospitals. The application has the ability for patients to share their medical information online. The Platform has features such as a booking appointment, a family-friendly visit, a route finder, a signal examiner, medication reminders and a check-in procedure for payment or medical cards and much more.

Online Transport Solutions

In recent years, transportation and logistics have become a major market now that combines web culture and mobile applications. Therefore, it is not surprising that the transportation industry is also investing heavily in mobile device technology, creating mobile device applications. We create best shipping and delivery solutions that will help you lay a good customer base and manage your operations better.

Online Event Solutions

We have deeply immersed our creative minds in order to give a pleasing look to the website, the main purpose behind the brightly colored platform is based on the values the company holds and shares. We have made sure that an exciting feature of this museum can be displayed within and on its online representation.

Ecommerce platform

Multi-vendor Ecommerce Platform Provides Scalability, Customization, 24 * 7 Customer Support: Liquor Retail, Clothing, Electronics and much more. Giving a seamless feel to all the devices that have an inventory control in your hands. With easy to manage products.

On Demand Food Delivery Solution

AbsoFood is a requested on-site food delivery platform that has the experience of delivering restaurant food that officially links the customer to nearby restaurants where the consumer can select options from the menu and submit an application for that. All verified orders are forwarded to a separate delivery boy who will be authorized to approve / reject the application via the mobile application and complete the received applications.

Online eCommerce Solution

Lkl Mkt is an online grocery store rich in software that has been providing excellent shopping information since its inception. It uses a variety of functions such as vendor dash management and management, customized food ordering and delivery of apps, bulk carts, order tracking, clicking and collecting, delivery system, Lkl Mkt distribution time to refresh customer purchases.

Telehealth Solution

Infinity Doctor began to rethink what happened to the doctor and the patient from the initial search to a healthy “patient.” They are there to provide patients with an alternative to expensive health insurance, without sacrificing quality while embarking on your busy schedule. Finding a doctor would not be easy, and meeting him would not be easy. Patients can find the specialist they need, and contact him directly on any device, anywhere, anytime. This provides all the patient-expected services to your doctor, with the exception of a traditional health insurance bill. That includes prescription drugs that your doctor may recommend. Having a goal to provide health care at your doorstep Infinity Doctors is a Digital Healthcare Market site that provides easy access to affordable health services and full online consultation with your doctor. Digital Health's unique "one-stop shop" solution where clients and physicians can easily engage, manage medical records and perform tasks.

SaaS Platform for Journalists

A SaaS platform that connects journalists with a highly relevant industry. Forum - News, PR & amp; Communication Specialists One Pitch has been created by a handful of experienced technical publishers and journalists who believe the PR industry has long been documented for innovation. The way publishers deal with journalists now seems to be as ineffective as using a typewriter today. The Platform allows the public to upload and categorize their ideas based on "topics" and "industries".

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