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Equipment Rental

The equipment rental business has been in existence for years. But, to deal with today’s competitive marketplace, we have revamped the way this business can be done by merging the hi-tech technology that lifts mobility. Having an equipment rental app, such as AbsoLease, you can gain a massive advantage over your competitors and quickly connect to end-users.

Travel Gear Rental

Travelling could turn out to be a costly proposition; hence travelers look for ways to cut costs. As peer-to-peer (P2P) based activity of acquiring, providing, or sharing is high, rental platforms such as AbsoLease includes a wide range of features to help you effortlessly manage and rent luggage, clothes, shoes, camping gear, and more.

Furniture Rental

With ABSO Lease, you can browse through curated furniture rental options to revamp customers’ homes quickly and conveniently. Explore the simplest path for your site visitors to browse and buy the furniture with a great ease and steer high revenues.

Fashion Rental

If you run a fashion-centered business, AbsoLease will allow you to rent an on-demand wardrobe with so many options. With smooth navigation and a clean design, you can attract fashion enthusiasts and rent the most premium brands from the best designers in an effortless way.

Car & Bike Rental

If you want to rent a car or bike by hours, days or weeks, then AbsoLease gives you the luxury of renting a car, bike, or scooter with ease. This feature-rich platform for renting vehicles comes along with easy payment gateway options. It allows you to implement new strategies with a different marketing model for a wider reach.

Book Rental

Reads in great numbers prefer to get a book on rent instead of purchasing. AbsoLease will allow you to start an online library without any hassle. By following a few easy steps, the readers can get a book on rent and delivered directly to their homes.

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Multi-Vendor Enabled

As AbsoLease is the multi-vendor marketplace; it empowers entrepreneurs to sell their products from one storefront. Its feature-rich admin panel also makes it easier to strategically administer the merchant and the admin’s aligned objectives. Merchants are provided with a separate panel control to manage their orders and other aspects of selling.

Renting and Vending

Renting and vending is a fluctuating and value maximization way of dealing with the merchant’s growing requirements. By enabling them to create customized listings and change the availability of products on rent based on various factors, the whole process gets streamlined, which helps meet the business goals.

Inventory Tracking and Control

If you are running an online store that requires maintaining rental inventory, you might feel at certain times like it’s unmanageable. AbsoLease will offer the much-needed real-time inventory to avoid the risk of losing rental income and sales when maintaining the inventory becomes tedious.

Responsive UI

No matter how feature-rich and functional a rental website is, the first impression and level of customer engagement can only be achieved with a responsive design. Our AbsoLease is designed to provide a seamless experience across various devices, which helps to attract more visitors.


As every seller has a different way of listing and managing a rental store, customization helps satisfy the target audience and achieve higher results. AbsoLease offers customizable features that can be used to change and manage various store settings to align things with business goals.

User-Friendly CMS

Our highly advanced CMS allows access to multiple users, creating a progressive space to manage a rental business online. Its user-friendly CMS admin panel enables users to manage site navigation, page content, product details, email marketing templates, articles, and much more.

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